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The First Annual 2013 Gaames Awards

Cue the jazzy intro music, it’s time for the 2013 Gaames Awards! Rather than a “top” list, I figured I would make it more of a generic award sort of thing, more to call out notables games for very specific reasons. So let’s get right to it.

Most Adventerous: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons


As I mentioned in my review, Brothers was an epic journey. More than any other game I’ve played – probably ever – it embodied adventure. The linear path you travel does nothing to hinder the feeling of traversing a huge, varied world. And although it didn’t make me all teary-eyed, it was an incredibly memorable experience, and easily one of the best games I played this year. So I had to give it some kind of award, and the aspect of adventure was what stood out to me.

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Kill Fucking Confirmed: The Novelist

I am all over the damn place with this blog lately. Haven’t even done my 2013 GOTY and I’m already one shitty Kickstarter and one finished game down. I’m not looking at Kickstarter until I write the GOTY post, and I’ll try not to finish any other games. The latter shouldn’t be too hard, considering how awful I generally am at it. But that didn’t stop me from completing the 2 hours it took for one playthrough of The Novelist.


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Kill Fucking Confirmed: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Unless I finish another game today (incredibly unlikely), this marks the third and final game that I have finished this year. And yes, each of them took under 5 hours to complete. It’s not that I have no attention span; it just somehow holds my interest more to play the same 20 Trackmania Canyon tracks for hours on end, or gather and craft in an MMO indefinitely than it does to complete a storyline in a standard single-player game. So let’s talk about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, shall we?


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Kill Fucking Confirmed: Gone Home

I told you there wouldn’t be many of these.


Apparently, the only way I finish games is if they can be completed in one sitting. And even though I started Gone Home at around 10:30 at night and was determined to take my time with it and find absolutely everything on my first playthrough, I was up past 3 AM because I could not go to bed before I unraveled its mysteries.

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Kill Fucking Confirmed: Spec Ops: The Line

Nineteen days into the year isn’t too late to make another New Year’s resolution, right? It doesn’t matter, because I did it anyway – I’m blogging about each game I finish this year. If this year is anything like last year, there won’t be many of these posts. But that’s the real resolution anyway: to finish things that I start. Mostly books and games. So far I’m one book down for the year, and as of last night, one game down. That game is Spec Ops: The Line. This attempt at a series is named after a line that is repeated many times after blowing someone’s head off in the game. I think it works well for saying that I beat a game.


Press any key for guilt.

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Anna Is Beautiful, High Maintenance

Here’s something I never intended to do with this blog – a review! I debated on this quite a bit; straying again from the Kickstarter theme may be a bad idea. But, in the end, this blog is more for my sake than yours. I’ve no agenda here; I just like to talk about things, and if you want to read it, then I get to feel important while doing so, and everyone wins. So here we go.

Anna is what you would get if you took Dear Esther and tossed in classic point-and-click adventure game puzzles. I’ll let you decide if that sounds appealing or not. Continue reading