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The Game That Got Backed Didn’t Get Backed

I’ve seen some hilarious and ironic names for Kickstarter projects, a recent favorite being the Don’t Fund Me Bro shirts – but none as sadly ironic as The Game That Got Backed.


It couldn’t possibly be a better example of what not to do. Let me take you through the video.

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Drew’s Drawn Dream Draws Dough Drought

Despite what some creators may think, I don’t enjoy writing about the same person twice – with the possible exception of You Know Who. It furthers the perception that I have some kind of vendetta against these people. I don’t sit here hoping that you guys do something I can rant about. I don’t follow your tweeters. I just notice you doing something stupid, and feel compelled to call you out on it.


And so it’s with no small amount of reluctance that I present you to Dust Scratch Games’ failure sequel Drew and the Floating Labyrinth. Take a ride with me through yet another pretentious art video.

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