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Eco Spirits: Gotta Fail Em All

There’s something really familiar about Eco Spirits, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Its would-be developers haven’t made a kickstarter before, but I feel as though I’ve already played their game. Let’s take a look through their pitch, and you can leave a comment if you figure out the game I’m trying to think of.


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Laika Believes (In A Thing Called Fail)

Video games are made about everything these days. Sure, there’s your run of the mill Carl on Duty: Black Cops and your World of Zombies Online Shooter McGavin, but the real innovation, of course, lies in the indie game scene. Where else could you find a game about.. oh, I don’t know, a bunch of Russians murdering a dog?


You can find it at Minicore Studios, the shitlords behind the widely-ignored Laika Believes: The Sun at Night.

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