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Dino Perrotti Desperately Wants You To Fund His Balls

Back in October, I thought Kevin Bailey was the most shameful example of desperately trying to swindle people out of money over and over again without taking the hint that people just weren’t buying the bullshit that he was selling. I may have been correct at the time, but a new contender has been rising, and his name is Dino Perrotti.


He is a piece of shit, and if any of his real backers end up reading this, I hope you burn in hottest fires that hell has to offer.

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George Anderson Needs to Shape Up or Ship Out

At some point, maybe when you’re done reading the rest of this post, I want you to re-read the title as many times as it takes to get the brilliant double pun. I didn’t spend that time Googling idioms for nothing, god damnit.

We’re going to get a little nostalgic today, because I haven’t seen a project quite like this since my very first post on Project Zombie Big Game Shooter. This project defies all boundaries of reason. It melts minds. It is so outlandishly fucking retarded that it doesn’t even have a video.


I give you: Ellipse!

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Horizon’s End Can’t Get Their Project Off The Ground

I hope you just came here for the clever title. I have nothing else to say about the Kickstarter project for The Great Gaias.



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Angry Shouty Rant: Jim Sterling Edition

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling doesn’t make video games. Maybe you knew that, but it’s an important point to start off with here. Because it means that everything in his article about Kickstarting video games comes from the perspective of a fan/journalist, and not a developer – and yet, it’s all about how developers are (arguably) misusing Kickstarter, and how you need to be okay with that if you’re going to use it.

This baffling idea comes in the form of the poorly-named article¬†“A Common Sense Guide to Being a Happy Backer”.

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