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I Hate You All Even More Part 1: Boon Shill

Few things get my titties in a twist quite like seeing a game idea that I like have a shitty Kickstarter. And boy do my nips need some lotion after reading over the Kickstarter for Boon Hill.


Might as well bury this.

I like new, experimental ideas in games. And while a game in which you walk through a graveyard has already been done by Tale of Tales, I believe there was no reading of headstones nor speaking with NPCs. So in an interactive sense, this is an expansion on The Graveyard? I can dig that (no pun intended).

What I can’t dig is the idea that it costs $5,000 to make it.

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The Kickfailure Roundup: What Is Being Done With Your Money

I’ve had it in my head for a while to round up all the info I could about projects I’ve previously written about and do a big update post. It just so happened that I came across a bunch of news about previous Kickstarter successes and failures that I hadn’t written about while waiting for things to fail. We’ll see how this goes, and maybe I’ll have a segment (like professional people do and shit) for updates about Kickstarter games.


And now, for the terribly biased news!

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Archor Wright Is 2 Jawsome for Pizza Delivery

If there is anyone who simultaneously deserves and does not deserve to ever have a game Kickstarted, it’s Archor Wright.


On one hand, not one of his games has ever had a budget (I hope), and he clearly wouldn’t know what the fuck to do with any funds he ever would have. The only people who would benefit from that are the Nabisco Cookie elves. (I know what you’re thinking: no, moron, that’s Keebler. Well, Nabisco also has elves – you think full-size humans make those cookies?) On the other hand, all of his games are so shitty in the most hilarious ways imaginable that I almost want him to be monetarily rewarded for it. Almost.

This isn’t my first time hearing about Archor Wright and his games. I’m all-too-familiar with his work. But for the uninitiated, here’s a little history lesson. Continue reading