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Things Look Bleak for Tenwall Creatives

Okay, so it’s not as pretentious a name as MichaelArts, but the heads of Tenwall Creatives are definitely firmly up their asses with their game, Bleak. Here’s how you don’t start a Kickstarter pitch:


“BLEAK is a Massive Fantasy Platformer for PC, Mac and Linux, that we’ve been developing for the past year. In it we have revived the lost art of storytelling to connect the gamer to a dangerous and vicious new world.”

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The Big Bad Metacritic: Shut the Fuck Up About Review Scores and #dealwithit

I wrote this over a week ago and left it in the pending pile, debating on whether or not to bother posting it. But it’s already written, so fuck it. Here’s a random rant.

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Craig Stern Has More Excuses To Take Your Money: Telepathic Tic-Tacs Take Two

I don’t have to tell you about Craig Stern’s game, Telepath Tactics. I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t approve of his first Kickstarter. I’ve already done that.

I’ve also told you about how pathetically he defended indie devs asking for buckets of cash to finish their games. I even had a couple of Craig Stern fanboys tell me what a thunder cunt [sic] I am because of it. So we can skip the introductions here, and get right into why Craiggy-bear is still asking for your money in his relaunch for Telepath Tactics.


We don’t need to go over the game. I don’t care about it, and neither will anyone else in a few months. How is Telepath Psy Arena selling these days, anyway? I rest my case.

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