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Chris Taylor is a Sore Loser

I have a story for you. It’s about a Kickstarter campaign. One that failed. But hold your gasp of surprise, there’s more! This isn’t so much about the Kickstarter itself and how the developer didn’t deserve the money – it’s more about how the CEO of the company that made the Kickstarter is a whiny bitch.


Because this story is unique, so shall be the format. Not that this blog actually has any real consistency of which to speak. But this will be a timeline. So join me on this time travel through the past couple of months.

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Craig Stern Is His Own Shill: Telepathic Tic-Tacs

Previously on Words with Craig Stern:

“Making people interested in a finished game requires that game to be interesting. Making people interested in a game that’s coming out soon requires some sweet talking to gamers. You’re obviously better at the latter. Put in for a job working on the community team for a game developer.”


Pictured above: Craig Stern

So, Craig didn’t take my advice. I’m not surprised. It’s difficult to admit one’s own shortcomings. Or so I hear, from people who have them. But because this blog is all about self-aggrandizing, I will tell you what “did” happen: Craig saw my post about his failed Kickstarter, and thought he outwit me by posting his own blog about how “important” Kickstarter is. How touching, coming from someone who failed to raise $25,500 for his game, which is already nearly complete. But currently being in the backswing of the Kickstarter craze, this is a necessary opinion to promote for people who want to swindle you out of your money. That’s why it was posted to Gamasutra. Obviously, after my post on Telepath Tactics, I’m not the biggest Craig Stern fan, so this won’t be the usual objective look normally featured on this blog.

That was a joke.

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