Monthly Archives: December 2012

Craig Stern Is Stupidly Honest, Maybe Honestly Stupid: Telepathic Tic-Tacs


Wait a minute, a Kickstarter project that isn’t a total piece of shit?! What is it doing on this blog?

Craig Stern’s project, Telepath Tactics, makes me more conflicted than a closeted gay boy in a gym locker room. Just when it looks like he’s doing it right, the following detail makes it look so stupid. I want to be in support of it for being what I think a video game Kickstarter should be, but I just can’t, because behind the genuine honesty here is just enough absurdity for me to shake my head at. Continue reading


Tears of Failure Aborted By Heavy Moron Studios


Okay, fine, they get some points for originality. A horror game set in abandoned Nazi camps in Antarctica. Even if World War 2 games are disgustingly played out, this is at least a new take on it. And as evidenced by my review of Anna, horror games are tricky to pull off.

The problem is that there’s no reason to believe Heavy Ion Studios can pull off anything. If Xerum: Tears of the Children ever does become a real game, it will be a fucking miracle. Let’s get into why. Continue reading